Steve Vozar, PhD

Servant leader specializing in Autonomy, Robotics, and IoT

I am the Principal and Founder of Vozar Technology Consulting, focused on delivering strategic insights and planning to startup and Fortune 500 companies alike looking to leverage autonomy, artificial intelligence, robotics, and IoT. I specialize in intellectual property strategy, technical and product roadmapping, as well as technical hiring and recruiting.

Prior to my consulting career, I was the Co-Founder and CTO of May Mobility, leading the technology team that deployed the first commercial fleet of self-driving shuttles in the United States, overseeing product, user experience, hardware, software, autonomy, vehicle production, and quality teams. Before founding May Mobility, I was a Research Fellow with the APRIL and PeRL laboratories at the University of Michigan, contributing to projects including Ford’s next-generation vehicle thrust and the DARPA Squad X core technologies program. I have previously worked at Johns Hopkins University, developing tele-robotic satellite servicing technology in collaboration with NASA. In 2012 I was named a Human-Robot Interaction Pioneer for my PhD work on tele-robotic mobile manipulation. I also co-founded and acted as VP of Technology for Absolute Nano, a university spin-off developing instruments for nanomaterials research, which won a 2009 R&D 100 Award.